TIP: 5 Easy Ways To Get NetOne Airtime in Zimbabwe

NetOne as become increasingly popular in Zimbabwe as a mobile network. This is because the company has invested heavily in network infrastructure and marketing its services.

Many people have therefore migrated from Econet and Telecel to join NetOne. Ofcourse, the truth is that a lot of people also have multiple sim cards, with many for example, keeping an Econet one for EcoCash mobile money.

These people that have migrated therefore usually have basic questions about NetOne services, such as how to get the network’s airtime easily.

Here are 5 easy ways to buy NetOne Airtime:

1. OneMoney

If you have access to the network’s mobile money service called OneMoney, you can easily buy the network’s airtime on your phone without any hassle. Just access OneMoney on it and proceed to buy.

This is one of the best ways because you don’t need any airtime or data to buy.

2. Use EcoCash to buy on WhatsApp

As indicated earlier, many people choose to keep their Econet sim cards for the EcoCash mobile money service. It has more than 90% marketshare and it will take a long time before OneMoney eats into that.

You can now use your EcoCash to buy NetOne airtime, and you can do so on WhatsApp automatically.

Pindula offers this service and to use it just do the following:

  • Save the following WhatsApp number: +263714815229.
  • Once saved, buy airtime using the following:
    Amount#Number to recharge#EcoCash number
    e.g 3#O714815229#O772888999
  • This will prompt you to enter your EcoCash pin and after that your NetOne number gets recharged automatically.

Alternatively, you can just open the following link and it’ll open a WhatsApp conversation with the number:

We consider this a great way to buy airtime because once you have done it once, buying again is pretty simple! It also works especially for those people that only have WhatsApp bundles and might not have access to websites.

3. Use

If you have access to websites, using is pretty simple, just go to this page and enter the airtime you need to buy. Click the “Buy” button and you will get the EcoCash prompt and shortly after entering it, your airtime.

We find that people use this method and number 2 above, not just to buy NetOne airtime, but also Telecel and Econet especially for the reason that it allows you to buy any amount from as little as 10 cents. The mobile networks nowadays only allow you to buy airtime from $10 upwards which can be too much for some people.

4. Use

The website by Zimbabwe payments company Paynow also allows you to buy airtime online and is one of the established companies in Zimbabwe to offer this service.

Topup offers a number of advantages above other services:

  • The website is well presented and easy to navigate. It’s also very fast!
  • You have the option to buy Airtime Vouchers in addition to the direct recharges. This means you can send someone else the voucher as a gift and they can use it, keep it or send it to someone else.
  • You can also buy airtime for other networks and internet service providers such as Zol, TelOne, Africom, UMax and so on.
  • Not only ISPs but you can also pay college school fees, pay your water bills, buy zesa tokens, topup your fuel card by Zuva and Total, topup your Zinara Toll Gate card and other services. It’s a one-stop shop for payments really and it does the job brilliantly.
  • You can also just download their Android topup apk and use that app whenever you need to pay for these things.

5. Use Techzim Airtime

The popular Zimbabwe tech blog, Techzim, also offers airtime on its site and you can access it on the following page:

For a full list of NetOne USSD shortcodes please check this article.

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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