WiFi Bundles Compared: Econet, NetOne, and Telecel

To help Zimbabweans buy wisely, we compared the monthly WiFi Bundles by the three networks; NetOne, Econet, and Telecel.

We are only comparing the monthly bundles. This is because most people are now increasingly relying on these for working at home.

NetOne One-Fi Bundles

NamePriceWhat you getValidity
One-Fi Plus$250025GB1 month
One-Fi Ultra$450050GB1 month
One-Fi Extreme$600080GB1 month
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Telecel Home WiFi Bundles

Price (ZWL)DataValidity

Econet Private WiFi Data Bouquets

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Which network’s WiFi Bundles are the best?

Based on price alone, Telecel would be the network of choice. But this is not just a price matter. As we have indicated in other comparison articles, network coverage and signal strength matter more.

The larger networks Econet and NetOne generally have better coverage than Telecel. But the signal strength of even those 2 networks will also vary depending on the location.

To get the best deal it’s good to try all 3 and select the one that’s usable in your area while still offering a good price.

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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