Econet Private WiFi Data Bouquets – A well-kept secret

We often bump into Econet customers who surprisingly don’t know about the company’s Private WiFi Bundles. When we mentioned these bundles we’re met with blind stares and confusion.

Most Econet subscribers do not think of these bundles as just regular bundles like other internet bundles. They think of them as something that you can only use if you go to an Econet internet hotspot.

If you’re an Econet subscriber, you should know that Private WiFi Bundes are just like other Econet bundles. They can be bought the same way as other bundles and used in the same way on your phone.

If anything, they are actually the most efficient use of your money, provided you have the airtime money available at one go.

Compare for example the price of a monthly regular Econet monthly data bouquet to that of the Private WiFi data bouquet:

Econet Regular Monthly Bundles

PriceWhat you getName of Bouquet
data compiled by

Econet Private WiFi Monthly Bouquets

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As you can see, it’s much much cheaper to just save your money and buy the private WiFi bouquets once a month.

Just to do the quick numbers, if you spend $500 on the regular data bouquets you get 1.4GB. If however, you spend $600 on private WiFi bouquets, you get 8GB.

The difference is staggering. On the regular bouquets, you’re paying about 36 cents per megabyte. With the private WiFI bouquets, on the other hand, you’re paying about 8 cents per megabyte. It’s a no brainer.

To buy these bouquets Buy Airtime first.

On your phone enter *143# the dial’

Enter *143# USSD code for Econet Private WiFi bouquets

Select Option 4 WiFi Bouquets’

Select bouquet screen

Select the only option there: 1

Private WiFi Data Bouquets

You can then select your preferred bouquets:

Select Econet private WiFi data bouquet of preference

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