FAQ: NetOne e-Learning Bundles Questions Answered

There have been questions about the NetOne e-learning bundles – how to get them, what they offer, and how they compare to the competition. In this article, we answer those questions, and more.

What are NetOne eLearning Bundles

These are bundles created for students, teachers lecturers to help in the time of Coronavirus lockdowns. Universities, Colleges, and Schools are all eligible to buy these bundles.
Also, it does not matter if the school or college is private or government.

What is the price of NetOne eLearning Bundles?

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How do I get NetOne eLearning bundles?

e-Learning Bundles are not open to everyone. Enrollment is done through your one’s educational institution. You submit your details (student name, student numbers, and mobile numbers) to your school or college, which will then engage NetOne directly once the list has been compiled, select a bundle, and make a payment.

Is there a minimum number of people a college or school should submit to NetOne?

Yes. The institution needs groups with a minimum number of 50 students.

Do the other networks, Econet and Telecel, also have eLearning Bundles?

Yes. E-Learning bundles have become standard with the networks given te Coronavirus lockdowns situation. Econet has E-Learning Data Bundles and Telecel has Funda Bundles.

Which network among the 3 has the most affordable e-Learning Bundles?

At the moment, Telecel offers the cheapest e-learning bundles, followed by Econet, and the NetOne is the most expensive.
That said, remember this is not always about price – the more important thing to consider is network availability, stability, and speed of the internet.
Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which network is best in your area, you know best based on your experience and can make this judgment and decision.

Have any other questions?

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NetOne e-Learning Bundles

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