Full list of NetOne USSD codes

In this article we present a handy list of all the NetOne codes.

These USSD shortcodes enable you to access all the NetOne services like converting airtime to bundles, transferring airtime, borrowing airtime, and even recharging. They also help you access the OneMoney mobile money service.

Dial codeService
*171#– Airtime Recharge
– One-Fi,
– OneFusion,
– Dollar a Day,
– WhatsApp Bundles, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
– Call Me Back
– Khuluma 24/7
– Balance Enquiry
– Airtime Credit
– Airtime Transfer
*133*recharge pin#Airtime Top Up
*130#Disable or active Out of bundle browsing
*111#Access OneMoney mobile money wallet

To be noted about the NetOne codes

Unlike other networks, most useful services are found on the *171# short code. It is therefore the only code you really need to remember. This makes the NetOne codes somewhat easier to work with than the other networks.

In addition, the company also has an option to return to the previous menu for every level of the USSD menu you’re in. To do this, you type in one hash (#) for one step back and 2 hashes together (##) to return to the top most menu. We have found this quite convenient.

NetOne codes that don’t work anymore

Some people have asked us which NetOne shortcodes have been discontinued and don’t work anymore. We therefore checked and decided to just list them here – just in case other websites are still recommending them and causing confusion.

Before the company grouped most of the things under *171#, you needed to remember different shortcodes for different things.

Here are the discontinued shortcodes:

  • *120*8# is for Prepaid Electricity for OneMoney. It’s all under the *111# for OneMoney now.
  • *134# for checking airtime balance. Now you use *171#
  • *34000*1# for data bundles
  • *140# which was once used for borrowing airtime also doesn’t work anymore. To borrow airtime you now have to go through 171, and then go to option 8 for Services; and finally option 1 for EasyCredit.

USSD codes for the other networks

Finally, if you’re looking for the latest NetOne airtime charges, please click here.

However, if you came looking for the Telecel and Econet codes you can find them here, and here respectively.

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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2 replies on “Full list of NetOne USSD codes”

I live in the United States, can I purchase a data bundle for a friend in Zimbabwe? I do not have the EcoCash App, it would not allow me to use it. I do have a valid Visa debit card.

Hello there,

Sorry, it’s not possible at the moment to use a VISA card or other international cards to make payment for airtime. We are however working on it and hope to introduce it soon.

Thank you

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