Full List of New Netone Prices – June 2020

NetOne has finally updated the prices of its bundles to match the ever-weakening of the local currency against the USD.

Here’s the full list of the new NetOne bundles and their prices.

One-Fi Bundles

NamePriceWhat you getValidity
One-Fi Plus$95025GB1 month
One-Fi Ultra$175050GB1 month
One-Fi Extreme$200080GB1 month
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OneFusion Bundles

Name PriceWhat you getValidity
OneFusion Lite$100- 15 Mins OnNet
- 5 Minutes OffNet
- 180MB Data
- 90MB WhatsApp
- 5 SMS
30 Days
OneFusion Gold$180- 25 Mins Voice OnNet
- 10 Mins OffNet
- 400MB Data
- 160MB WhatsApp
- 25 SMS

30 Days
OneFusion Premium$360- 80 Mins Voice OnNet
- 60 Mins OffNet
- 5 Mins International Calls
- 1GB Data
- 360MB WhatsApp
- 30 SMS
30 Days
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General Data Bundles

In this category of bundles NetOne has done away with the 3.5GB and 8GB monthly bundles. In their stead, the company has introduced 5GB, 10GB and 15GB bundles.

NamePriceWhat you getvalidity
Hourly$301GB1 hour
Daily$8.730MB24 hours
Daily$2080MB24 hours
Daily$40200MB24 hours
Daily$80480MB24 hours
Daily$115960MB24 hours
Daily$1201200MB24 hours
Weekly$7828MB7 days
Weekly$1660MB7 days
Weekly$42160MB7 days
Weekly$85350MB7 days
Weekly$150700MB7 days
Weekly$6005000MB7 days
Monthly$55200MB30 days
Monthly$110450MB30 days
Monthly$3001500MB30 days
Monthly$7005000MB30 days
Monthly$100010000MB30 days
Monthly$130015000MB30 days
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Social Media Bundles

NamePriceWhat you getValidity
Daily$5.820MB24 hours
Daily$1150MB24 hours
Weekly$1770MB7 days
Weekly$35150MB7 days
Monthly$60300MB30 days
Monthly$130600MB30 days
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Night Data Bundle

The Night Bundle has increased from $40 to $50 for 1GB

The bundle is valid from 10PM to 5AM the next day and is meant as a cheaper-at-night package enabled by reduced network usage.

Dollar A Day Bundles

NamePriceWhat you get
1 Day$1320 OnNet Voice Mins
10 SMS
2 Days$2540 OnNet Voice Mins
20 SMS
3 Days$60100 OnNet Voice Mins
70 SMS
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Khuluma 24/7 Voice Bundles

PriceWhat you get
$86 minutes
$1412 minutes
$2725 minutes
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NetOne SMS Bundles

NamePriceWhat you getValidity
Day$18 SMS24 hours
Day$325 SMS24 hours
Day$550 SMS24 hours
Week$1090 SMS7 days
Week$20200 SMS7 days
Week$50500 SMS7 days
Week$1001200 SMS7 days
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