Full List of New Netone Prices – May 2020

For the latest bundle prices, please open this price list.

NetOne has finally updated the prices of its bundles as initially advised (and delayed).

Here’s the full list of the new NetOne bundles and their prices. For comparison, you can see the old prices here.

One-Fi Bundles

NamePriceWhat you getValidity
One-Fi Plus$65025GB1 month
One-Fi Ultra$125050GB1 month
One-Fi Extreme$150080GB1 month
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The increases range from 50% for 80GB package to 63% on the smallest bundles size.

The OneFi bundles have been a lifesaver for a lot of people who cannot afford the high cost of getting fixed internet (fibre or LTE MiFi bundles). They have also been handy for people frustrated with slow LTE speeds from fixed providers such as TelOne and ZOL.

OneFusion Bundles

NamePriceWhat you getValidity
OneFusion Lite$80- 15 Mins OnNet
- 5 Minutes OffNet
- 180MB Data
- 90MB WhatsApp
- 5 SMS
30 Days
OneFusion Gold$160- 25 Mins Voice OnNet
- 10 Mins OffNet
- 400MB Data
- 160MB WhatsApp
- 25 SMS

30 Days
OneFusion Premium$330- 80 Mins Voice OnNet
- 60 Mins OffNet
- 5 Mins International Calls
- 1GB Data
- 360MB WhatsApp
- 30 SMS
30 Days
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General Data Bundles

There have been a few changes with the General data bundles. One of these is that there’s now a new 5GB weekly bundles, which was not there before. This one is priced at $500.

The size of the monthly bundles had been slightly changed too, making them smaller. For example, what used to be a 220MB $50 bundle is now a 200MB $40.

On average the increases on weekly bundles are between 50% and 100%.

The increases on the monthly bundles are much lower. By are about 12% in some cases.

NamePriceWhat you getvalidity
Hourly$251GB1 hour
Daily$830MB24 hours
Daily$1580MB24 hours
Daily$30200MB24 hours
Daily$60480MB24 hours
Daily$80960MB24 hours
Daily$1001200MB24 hours
Weekly$7.528MB7 days
Weekly$1560MB7 days
Weekly$40160MB7 days
Weekly$75350MB7 days
Weekly$150700MB7 days
Weekly$5005000MB7 days
Monthly$50200MB30 days
Monthly$100450MB30 days
Monthly$2501500MB30 days
Monthly$5003500MB30 days
Monthly$10008000MB30 days
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Social Media Bundles

As usual, social media bundles are priced the same. So you can pick a different social media app (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram) you want in your bundle but the price is the same.

Interestingly, unlike Econet, NetOne does not do Pinterest bundles.

There have also been some changes to the bundles with the 30MB $5 bundle becoming a 50MB $10 (a 20% increase)

On average increases are between 20% and 70%.

NamePriceWhat you getValidity
Daily$520MB24 hours
Daily$1050MB24 hours
Weekly$1570MB7 days
Weekly$30150MB7 days
Monthly$55300MB30 days
Monthly$100600MB30 days
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Night Data Bundle

The Night Bundle is a cheaper-at-night package. This is because at night their network is not congested.

NetOne’s night bundle now costs $40 for which you get 1GB valid from 10PM to 5AM the next day.

This used to be $20, so at 100% it’s one of NetOne’s biggest price increases. It must mean it’s being used a lot

Dollar A Day Bundles

These have been increased from just one package to now 3 packages so they really are very different from what the name says now.

NamePriceWhat you get
1 Day$10
2 Days$2040 OnNet Voice Mins
20 SMS
3 Days$50100 OnNet Voice Mins
70 SMS
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Khuluma 24/7 Voice Bundles

PriceWhat you get
$76 minutes
$1312 minutes
$2525 minutes
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NetOne SMS Bundles

NamePriceWhat you getValidity
Day$110 SMS24 hours
Day$335 SMS24 hours
Day$560 SMS24 hours
Week$10100 SMS7 days
Week$20220 SMS7 days
Week$50600 SMS7 days
Week$1001200 SMS7 days
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