How to buy Telecel Bundles

One of the most asked questions here is how to buy bundles. For all networks generally. In this article, however, we focus on how to buy Telecel Bundles.

The first thing to say here is that it depends on which bundle you want to buy. Telecel has different USSD codes for the different types of bundles. We will provide the right USSD code to use for all the bundles.

Buying Telecel Bundles

Time needed: 1 minute.

Steps for buying Telecel Bundles

  1. Dial code *480#, *470#, for bundle

    The first step is to dial the USSD code for the bundle you want.
    *480# for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Megaboost Bundles
    *470# for data bundles (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Night, and Home WiFi Data)
    *146# for Telecel Voice Bundles
    *155# for International Voice Bundles
    *404# for SMS Bundles

    Telecel Buying Bundles

  2. Wait for the USSD Code to run

    After pressing the dial. Wait for the USSD code to run. In this step, the phone is checking with the network. This should complete almost immediately. However, sometimes it takes several seconds depending on network signal strength.

    Telecel USSD Running

  3. Select the Telecel Bundle package

    You then browse through the USSD menu to select the bundle you want to buy from a list.

    Select Social Media Bundle

  4. Choose between buying with Airtime or Telecash

    You then have to choose if you’re paying for your bundle with Airtime or Telecash. For a lot of people, this is airtime.

  5. Select if buying for self or another person

    Next, you’re asked if you’re buying the bundle for yourself of another person. Select appropriately and click send.

  6. Confirm the purchase

    Assuming you have enough airtime, you only need to confirm the purchase. That’s all.
    You’ll immediately receive an SMS advising of the bundle you have purchased and you can start using the bundle.

You can find the full list of Telecel USSD codes here.

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