How to transfer NetOne Airtime

One of the most asked things here on BuyAirtime is how to transfer NetOne airtime from one number to another.

Usually, it happens when someone buys airtime for a number but then realises they made a mistake. Or sometimes they just want to share their airtime with someone they care about.

We list here the full step by step process of transferring NetOne airtime.

Note: Please note that it is currently not possible to transfer airtime from one network to another. You can only do so to another person on the same network

Transfer NetOne airtime

Time needed: 1 minute.

Step by step process for transferring NetOne airtime

  1. Enter *171# USSD code.

    This is the code that enables to transfer airtime. But it also enables you to buy bundles, to do a Call Me Back and other things.

    NetOne 171 USSD Code

  2. Select option 8: Services

    This is the option that enables you to do a NetOne airtime transfer.

  3. Select Option 2: Credit Transfer

    NetOne calls it Credit but that just means Airtime. So go ahead and select option 2.

    NetOne 171 Services Menu

  4. Enter number to transfer airtime to

    Enter the number you want to transfer the airtime to.

    NetOne Airtime Recipient Number

  5. Enter Amount

    Now enter the amount of airtime you are transferring. Where you want to put “cents”. Use an asterisk to transfer the amount for example. 2*50 is means you’re transferring $2.50.

    NetOne Airtime Transfer Amount

  6. Confirm the transfer

    The next menu gives you a summary of what you selected just so you’re sure you didn’t make a mistake. You then have to confirm your transfer by entering 1.

    NetOne Airtime Transfer Confirmation

  7. Transfer Successful

    If the number you’re transferring to exists, then that’s it! You’ll get an “Airtime transfer successful” message.

    Successful Airtime Transfer

If you happened to make a mistake during this process, then you can just contact NetOne’s support and get assistance. They can easily just reverse the airtime transfer. This allows you to make another attempt to the correct number.

If instead of transferring airtime, you’re just looking to buy NetOne airtime with EcoCash, please go to this page.

If you’re an Econet subscriber, the guide on how to transfer Econet airtime is on this page.

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