Airtime on WhatsApp

You can also buy NetOne, Telecel and Econet airtime on WhatsApp using EcoCash. Below are the steps:

  1. Add the following Pindula number as a contact on your phone:

    +263 714 815 229
  2. Start a WhatsApp chat with the number by sending it the word “Airtime”
  3. The number will respond immediately providing you the format to use to recharge your airtime. The format is as follows:

    Amount#Number to recharge#EcoCash number

    for example: 3#O714815229#O772888999

    You have to enter above in WhatsApp
  4. After this, you should get a prompt on your EcoCash line asking to pay the amount you indicated.
  5. Once paid, your airtime will be topped up.

If you’re reading this from a mobile phone, you can start a conversation with the WhatsApp number immediately by clicking on the following link: