TIP: How to transfer Econet Airtime

A number of people have asked us how to transfer their Econet airtime to another number.

Many have said that a method they used to rely on (sending a message to 31117) doesn’t work anymore. Other have complained that they are asked for a pin when they use the new method *111#.

For the sake of simplicity, we show here how to easily transfer airtime if you’re an Econet subscriber.

First, you are required to create what Econet calls a Self Care account before you’re able to start transferring airtime.

These are the steps to create the account:

Steps to create the airtime transfer account. If you have never transferred airtime then start at step 1 which will enable you to create your account first.
If you already have an account then start at step

  1. Dial *111#

    This will get you the menu to create an account

  2. Select Option 1: My Account

    This is the option in the USS menu to for creating your account

  3. Follow prompts to create a 4-digit pin.

    Remember that pin as you will need it whenever you are transferring airtime.

  4. Dial *111# to get to USSD Menu

    Start with this option if you already have a pin.
    You will see the menu below. Select option 3. Transfer AirtimeEconet Self Care Menu Airtime Transfer

  5. Enter Pin

    You will now be asked for that pin you chose above. Enter itAirtime Transfer Enter Pin

  6. Enter Receiving number

    After tapping on “send” you will be asked to enter the receiving number.Airtime Transfer Receiving number

  7. Enter amount to be transferred

    Next you will then enter the amount of airtime to be transferred. Note that the minimum amount of airtime to be transferred is $1. There’s also a daily maximum limit.Airtime Transfer amount

A graphic by Econet on How To Transfer airtime

We also have a full list of the Econet USSD codes here.

Please note that it is not currently possible to transfer airtime to a different network. However, is you’re a NetOne subscriber, here’s a guide on how to transfer NetOne airtime.

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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7 replies on “TIP: How to transfer Econet Airtime”

i do the above info bt still it is denying me the access to transfer the says error in processing

still the above method is not working. soon after setting the PIN asked a simple word when forgot PIN still denying saying wrong PIN.

This application doesn’t work after entering my pin,the recipient number and the amount it’s still saying error while processing

Yap, it’s utter SHITE! Rejects the same pin you’ve just registered and confirmed! The developers at Econet are not serious! SHAME!

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