TIP: NetOne Internet Settings For Android (APN)

When you start using a new Android smartphone, you may find that even when you have airtime or bundles, you will not be able to access the internet. You cannot until you enter the NetOne internet settings.

Sometimes networks send these settings automatically once you switch on your phone with the sim card inside. But sometimes they don’t You therefore have to do it manually.

Essentially, Android smartphones can only access the internet after the APN (short for Access Point Name) has been set up.

Note: Android Smartphones here means mobile phones such as Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Itel, Tecno, OnePlus, LG, Sony, GTel, Astro, Motorola, HTC, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Google Pixel, Oppo, Asus, Alcatel, Infinix and Nokia.

Usually how you’ll be able to tell that you don’t have access to mobile data is that you won’t have any 4G, LTE, 3G, HSPDA+, or E icon on the network signal indicator.

Step 1: Go to Settings, and tap on “connections”

Android  settings screen
Android Settings screen

Step 2: Once you’re on the Connections screen, tap on Mobile networks

Android Connections screen

Step 3: Once you’re on the Mobile networks screen, tap on Access Point Names

Android Mobile Networks screenshot

Step 4: One the Access Point Names screen click on Add

Android screen without NetOne internet settings

Step 5: This will open an “Edit access point” screen. This is the page to enter the NetOne Internet settings.
Enter “NetOne” where it says Name.
Then enter “internet” where it says APN.

Android Edit Access Point screen

The screen will now look like this:

Android Edit Access Point screen with NetOne internet settings

Step 6: Exit that screen. That’s it. You’re done. If NetOne has 4G in your area you will notice that the signal icon will now had a 4G icon beside it.

NetOne internet settings entered as APN

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